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SFU Engineering Competition

Are you looking for a chance to qualify for the Western Engineering Competition in January? Grab a friend to compete in one of seven competitions in SFUEC! This year SFUEC will be hosted on October 29th at 9am. After the success that SFUEC saw last year, and the readiness and competence of the SFU teams at the Western Engineering Competition, we will be following the same structure we did last year.

If you are competing in a team, all members of the team must sign up to be considered eligible for the competition.

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FAS Halloween Pub Crawl

It's Halloween again! SFU FAS Student Unions are hosting a much need After-Midterm Halloween Pub Crawl on October 27th.
The pubs we are planning to go to are Lamplighter, Library Square and Tavern. Early bird tickets are on sell on 17th for $15, and regular tickets are on sell on 23th for $20.
Come join us and show Vancouver how applied science students party. Tickets are going to be avaliable soon! Don't miss out!

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Join Our Discord Server!

This hopes to an area where SFU Engineering students can centralize and meet new people, work on problems together, complain about the program (as usual), and much more. Overall, this Discord server plans to make our community that much stronger!

3D Printing at the Resource Center

Check out the 3D Printing page to find out more information about the ESSS offering 3D Printing services to all FAS students!

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