SFU Opportunities Fair

It’s never too early to think about your career.

General information

The annual Opportunities Fair held in February by the ESSS gives SFU Engineering students and Computing Science students direct connections to the industry they are studying. Employers seeking talented employees are invited to spend two days meeting the bright students of SFU.

Employers looking to speak with students are advised to e-mail VP External (external@esss.ca) or visit the OpFair Registration Page.

Students should check OpFair.ca as the event gets closer.

Corporate sponsorship

Throughout the year we hold many events where corporate sponsorship would help enrich the experience for our students. Whenever a corporate sponsor is involved, our students do take notice as it directly improves their outlook and relationship with that brand. Surveys of previous students have shown a greater likelihood to apply for a job from, or do business with, a company they are familiar with and have a sense of connection to.

There are also a number of student run engineering clubs and teams at SFU who compete in local, national, and international competitions. Nearly all of them are always looking for sponsorship from local companies. These sponsorship usually include either a financial donation or an in-kind donation to help the teams achieve their goals. The result is a very visible advertising platform for your brand as well as a truly meaningful connection to a very talented and motivated group of future engineers.

If you’re considering the options and benefits of sponsoring an event or team, please contact our current VP External (external@esss.ca).