ESSS 3D Printer

Available at the Resource Center (ASB 10826).


ESSS has invested in a 3D printer open for all FAS students to use affordably for education, personal projects, and capstone. This printer is located in the Engineering Resource Center in room ASB 10826. The sections below contain more information from filling in a print request form, to using the 3D modeling software yourselves.

Printer Specification

The 3D printer we have is a "Tinkerine Ditto Pro" with the following specs:

Free Open Source 3D Files

If you are a beginner, or want to see some creative ideas, visit thingiverse for unlimited free downloads of 3D models. Everything on the website is community based and open source. They have things such as figurines, phone stands, complex gears, decoration, drones, and more! Get your creative juices flowing! You might get inspiration for your own projects.

Print Request Form

In order to request a 3D print, you will have to fill out the following form found on On the form, you will be asked for your 3d model file link. If you have designed your own model and it is not on, please upload it to google drive and link it in the form. You will also be asked for your choice in filament color. The file must be a .stl, .obj, .dae, or .amf. After entering the form you will later be notified via email with a price and estimated completion time.

Request 3D Print


The 3D printer comes with free supported software that you can download from here:

This software takes your 3D models and allows you to modify some parameters based on what you want in your print. Parameters such as: scale, resolution, % infill density, outer shell layers, etc. We will teach you the basics of the software in our training sessions. And you can also find online tutorials here:


The price of the prints will be $0.03/gram + $1/hour. We highly recommend you do run your model through the tinkerine software yourself as it gives an output of time and weight after rendering. The model will be paid in cash when you pick it up.

*If your print is over 15 hours, the cost may be lowered on a case by case basis.


Joy Ornament
8.1x5.1x0.6 (cm)
3x4.7x5.9 (cm)
4.5x3.7x5.4 (cm)
Radiant Flower
11.5x11.5x7.1 (cm)
Bulbasaur Flower Pot
7.7x8.5x7.1 (cm)
Cage Lamp
9.6x9.6x13.5 (cm)


The ESSS offers a free 24/7 live stream of our 3D printer. If you watch it at the right time, perhaps you can even catch your own model being printed live! You can watch the twitch stream here:

Advanced Users

If you are experienced in 3D printing or have high interest and would like to be more involved, feel free to let us know and we can definitely work something out. Email us at academic[at]

Time to get 3D Printing!

We hope you will all get to learn something new with this technology and have fun in the process :)

Example Projects

Here are some projects made by students using the ESSS 3D Printer.

Crockpot Knob
Knob on crockpot broke off, so Gordon designed a cleaner and more effective design with less than 5g of PLA filament.
Dual Axis Light Tracker
Orients its top plate to face the maximum amount of light with two axes or rotation. Intent to mount a solar panel on the top.
Headphone Holder
OLED Holder
Ringo, in the SFU Biomedical Optics Research Group (BORG), has printed this OLED holder that perfectly fits the controller.
This holder will be assembled into an optical system shown in the CAD picture.
A team of SFU Engineers participated in the winter IEEE BCIT’s RC Classic competition and successfully swept the opposition.
The whole chassis and wheels composed of custom 3D printed parts.
Tool Organization
Gordon’s garage was a little cluttered so he decided to tidy it up with some magnetic tool holders and a clamp.
This just shows how easy it is to use a 3D printer for practical everyday uses.
This project used about 15g of PLA filament.

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