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The Annual Polar Plunge!

Ah, Polar Plunge! Early each year, when the SFU Reflection Pond is bone-chillingly cold, our engineers flock in huge numbers on a Friday to surround it. Garbed in ridiculous attire, we line up by the just-thawing icy waters (but not before we parade around school in our costumes). One by one, two members toss us in!
It's not a natural urge to want to do this, but it's for charity. Each year, we collect donations for the Variety Club of British Columbia from SFU students. The plungee (student or faculty) sets an amount of money they want raised under their name and when we reach that goal, into the freezing pond they go! For charity, we endure the cold (and the colds)! The EUSS then presents a cheque for the raised amount to the Variety Club Show of Hearts. Over the last 12 years we've raised over $16 000!!!

Charity Details

All participants need to have these forms listed below filled out and signed:

Use this form for tracking who you have raised funds from, and how much was donated!

3D Printing at the Resource Center

Check out the 3D Printing page to find out more information about the ESSS offering 3D Printing services to all FAS students!

As the inauguration of this service, join our 3D Printing Workshop Event on Thursday, January 26th.

3D Printing Workshop Event
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